Quickwork enables enterprises to build simple and complex workflows, create and publish secure APIs, and manage conversational interactions with customers, employees and partners to provide a great user experience.. The Quickwork integration allows the user to easily query domain WHOIS data for use in task automations.

You will need an API key to get started. If you don't have one, please register for a free API key.

How to use IP2WHOIS in Quickwork

  1. Login to your Quickwork account and go to the "Folders" on the dashboard.
  2. Choose any existing folder on the left hand side, or create a new folder by clicking the "+" icon on the left hand side.
  3. Create a new test journey by click on the "+ Create Journey" button on the right hand side.
  4. Choose any App that you would like to connect from, and it's respective trigger. For example, choose Google Sheets from the App list, then choose the "New Row" from the trigger list.
  5. You will need to choose or add a connection to your Google account to continue. If you haven't add any connection before, kindly visit their documentation to learn more on how to connect your account to Quickwork.
  6. After that, under the "Spreadsheet", choose the spreadsheet you want from the right side dropdown list. If you didn't see the spreadsheet due to newly created, you can click on the "Refresh Pick List" button to refresh the dropdown list.
  7. A new section named "Worksheet" will be appeared after you have selected any apreadsheet. From the right side dropdown list, choose the worksheet that had the domain names.
  8. Next, in the "Steps" section, click on the "Simple Action". From the search bar, search for "IP2Location" and click on it. From the "IP2Location Actions", click on the "Get domain".
  9. You will need to setup your IP2WHOIS API key in this step. Click on the "Link an account" if you haven't save the API key before, or "Create new connection" before click "Link an account". A new pop out box will appear, and you can paste the IP2WHOIS API key you have copied from your IP2Location.io Dashboard. Click the "Link account" button after done.
  10. In the next step, you will need to fill in the column to be queried into the "Domain name" field. To do this, look for the "Data Tree Output" section at the right hand side, and looks for the column that carried the domain name under the "Columns". Then, drag the column onto the text field under the "Domain name".
  11. Remember to click the "Save & Start" button to save the changes and start to run the journey.

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